Premium Tours in Buenos Aires.
Visit and Tours in San Antonio de Areco.

The Pampas and their Gauchos, Tigre and its Delta


Tour Estancia La Bamba

Tour Estancia La Bamba;
visit San Antonio
de Areco

Visit the town of San Antonio de Areco and Estancia La Bamba, one of the oldest estancias in Argentina, offering luxurious comfort and colonial elegance.

A place full of history, where the traditions of the gauchos and equestrian sports contribute to its special charm. 

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Tour a Estancia El Ombú

Tour Estancia El Ombú;
visit San Antonio 
de Areco

San Antonio de Areco, birthplace of gaucho traditions, was founded in 1730. One of the oldest towns in the province of Buenos Aires, and home of master silversmiths, represents the best of the Argentine country.

Enjoy an authentic country day at El Ombú de Areco, with a typical asado, Argentine wines and entertained by a gaucho with his guitar, and an Indian horse-breaking demonstration

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Cabalgatas por Campos

Horseback excursions
through natural fields
of the Argentine Pampa

Enjoy a guided horseback excursion through the Argentine Pampas in San Antonio de Areco.

Live the experience of riding on horseback as a Gaucho of the Pampas, and taste a typical asado served with Argentine wine. 

Feel part of a tradition dating from the 18th Century. 

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Tour Estancia La Bamba

Discover Buenos Aires
and its surroundings

We will guide you so that you can grasp the charm of a city and its essence.

Get to know Buenos Aires by night and day, its Avenues, squares and quarters. Enjoy Tango and Theatres, restaurants and pubs.

Buenos Aires never sleeps, she is magical and unique. 

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Cabalgatas por Campos

San Isidro, Tigre
and its Delta

Get to know the residential and historical areas of San Isidro, its beautiful Cathedral and square. 

Discover the exotic scenery of the Tigre Delta. We will share the trip with the islanders returning to their islands, surrounded by native birds and an exuberant flora.  San Isidro and the Delta are traditional places in Buenos Aires, worth visiting. 

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Tour a Estancia El Ombú

Private Transfers
in Buenos Aires

We drive you to different places in Buenos Aires and its surroundings.

Hotels, Airports, San Antonio de Areco, Estancias, Dinners with shows, Football Fields and the Atlantic Coast.

Bilingual drivers and safe and comfortable cars and vans.

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Our invitation

This is for you, who have travelled widely through the world and know the three pillars of an ideal trip: to Plan, to Experience and to Remember.

We are inviting you to share an experience, a proposal for dialogue and meetings, to get to know Buenos Aires better, as well as its surroundings, the pampas and their gauchos.

You will be able to take one of our tours, in private or in small groups. Or talk it over with us so as to design your own program.

Fun!! Of course we will have fun, but it can also be slow-paced and interactive so that you can relax and grasp the typical essence of each place and its dwellers. 

The Kiss, a statue in the Lakes of Palermo. Discovering Buenos Aires

In one of the most traditional places of Buenos Aires, the lakes of Palermo, we will be able to discover this emblematic statue by the French artist Jean Paul Baptiste Gask, representing Hero, Afrodita’s goddess who lived in a tower in Sestos, on the far side of Helesponto, and her lover Leandro, a young man from Abidos, who lived on the other side of the strait. Each night, Leandro would swim across the Helesponto to be with Hero. She had to light a lamp up in the tower to guide him. They saw each other during the whole summer. But, on a stormy winter night, the waves tossed him around in the sea and the wind blew out Hero’s lamp, so the lover lost his way and drowned himself. Hero threw herself from the tower into the water and died too. 

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